One of the common obstacles to the adoption of cloud computing is the perceived security risk. However, if the correct defences are in place, much of this concern can be mitigated.

Calligo has put in place the most rigorous processes and modern technology to mitigate threats to your data.

  • Thorough protection
  • Continuous improvement
  • Fully accredited
Calligo cloud security

Wide range of technologies and processes to protect your data throughout its journey

Firewalls, Anti-malware, Anti-ransomware & IPS / IDS

We use a comprehensive, vendor-neutral and adaptive combination of security technologies to protect your data. This includes anti-malware, intrusion detection, firewalls, web application protection, file integrity monitoring, DDoS protection and detailed log inspection – all running in real-time across our entire cloud platform.

Physical security

All our datacentres are at least Tier 3 and have the highest levels of physical and technical security, including UPS, fire suppression and 24/7 monitoring.

Data loss protection

Cloud’s greatest strength of data access anywhere can also be its greatest weakness if not managed properly. Without proper measures, untraceable data leakage can undermine performance and data privacy requirements. Calligo uses sophisticated technology and processes to control access to your data without compromising productivity.


Our managed services team ensures that your applications and infrastructure are regularly patched to a rigorous schedule, removing the need for clients to maintain their own environments.

Fully accredited

We ensure that our entire team is aware of our security and quality standards and know how to apply them throughout their activities.

Cloud Performance & Assurance services

To provide additional reassurance over the security of your data, we also offer additional services such as back-up, disaster recovery and continuous monitoring.

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