Calligo’s Infrastructure as a Service offering, CloudCore, was the first cloud platform in the world to be designed with data privacy and sovereignty at its heart and to offer data residency guarantees.

  • Guaranteed performance
  • Multi-jurisdictional
  • Guaranteed data residency
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Cloud assurance and performance

High performance

CloudCore is a public cloud platform built on best-in-class technology and to such a standard that we can provide performance guarantees across all aspects of the service, including your applications.

CloudCore is also the first 100% SSD-based public cloud platform, guaranteeing consistent performance for your applications.

Your environment can be self-managed through our unique management portal to provide full resource flexibility and can be delivered as either public cloud, part of a multi-cloud environment integrated with public hyperscale, or as part of a hybrid cloud integrated with your own resources.

Calligo’s privacy-first public cloud, CloudCore, is built on the Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor family, specifically selected for its performance and scalability.

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Data privacy, residency and sovereignty

We have developed operational frameworks within CloudCore to assist in the ongoing observance of your data privacy obligations. Viaje, our proprietary cloud management system, features a Policy-Based Engine that allows you to set operational criteria for the use, access and protection of every cloud asset, application and piece of data across your entire environment.

Combining this finite capability with our multi-jurisdictional datacentres, including our provision of Microsoft Azure Stack, we are also able to provide absolute data residency guarantees to our clients.

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Global data signals

Global datacentre network

Calligo’s network of datacentres spans the UK, Jersey, Guernsey, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Singapore and Canada. The diverse and unified physical locations support clients’ scalability, resilience and data sovereignty and optimise overall performance. Find out more about the locations and facilities here.

Highly secure

100% of data stored in CloudCore is 256-bit encrypted, protected by market-leading anti-virus technology, firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention software.

The whole environment is governed by our extensive list of certifications, including ISO 27001, SOC 2 and Cyber Essentials. Calligo’s own policies and procedures also align with the Cloud Security Alliance’s STAR standards.

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Calligo office

Supported by expert consultancy

Calligo’s independent cloud experts will use their unrivalled cloud knowledge and expertise to guide you through the most appropriate cloud infrastructure design.

From preserving hardware or software investments to data privacy and regulatory requirements, all pressures, constraints and preferences will be accommodated in the cloud design to ensure optimised performance.

Full managed services

Alongside industry-leading Service Level Agreements, we provide a full set of managed services that allow your business to focus on its core operations rather than its IT systems. Alongside 24/7 support, our managed service team will ensure the constant protection and maintenance of your cloud environment.

managed services
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