Take on even the largest competitors in your industry by using machine learning to augment your products and services.

  • Use machine learning to optimise your data and discover opportunities that were otherwise invisible
  • Overcome the investment and expertise barriers to entry
  • Undertake complex AI projects at a fraction of the usual cost and with full respect to data privacy requirements
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Use machine learning to drive intelligent optimisation

Machine learning will not only identify trends within datasets, but will also intelligently explore the data, understand it and make proactive suggestions of additional refinements to situations, while continuously learning from the outcomes.

Machine learning is being widely used to examine industrial machinery performance, identify the anomalies and then predict when machinery may require maintenance and even pre-empt malfunction. Similarly, retailers regularly apply machine learning to consumer behaviour in order to better understand the customer relationship, reduce cost of acquisition and churn and improve marketing.

There is not a single business operation that cannot stand to gain from machine learning.

However, this traditionally requires data scientists, time and budget

Machine learning’s power comes from its complexity, which inherently requires expertise and investment. Data scientists are hired at great expense and tasked with hand-crafting custom algorithms for specific queries.

This has historically rendered artificial intelligence only accessible to the largest enterprises, despite even small to medium-sized business having the data available to make profitable use of machine learning.

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Harnessing AI with AI

Calligo’s Artificial Intelligence as a Service overcomes this barrier. Based on a partnership with the most innovative artificial intelligence platform available, Calligo has brought to the market an accessible, flexible, cost-effective machine learning service that can be applied to any business’ dataset.

Algorithms that create your algorithm

Overcome the challenges of expertise by using AI to create the very algorithms that your business needs. By understanding your dataset in finite detail, including its context, and intelligently appreciating the motivation behind your query, this innovative AI as a Service will create your own algorithm, leaving you to focus on taking advantage of the result.

Utility-based consumption model

Sidestep the investment in data scientists and software by only paying for the AI you need. Calligo’s PAYG model is based only on the compute power you consume and reduces the cost of using AI to only a fraction of the enterprise-level norm.

Privacy assured

Data Analytics Privacy Architects always on hand to maintain your adherence to your business’ data privacy obligations. Ensures the data used is legitimately held, that the analysis does not contravene any regulations or consent and that the output is not discriminatory or in breach of any data subject’s rights.

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