Be more effective, productive, dynamic and informed.

Use your own data to uncover new insights and opportunities.

  • Accessible, powerful platform
  • Flexible enough to extract insights from any source data
  • Data privacy obligations are safeguarded throughout the analysis process
Calligo data analytics
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Making data analytics simpler

Data analysis has changed business. Progress, and even keeping pace, now relies on extracting insights from data and acting upon them.

But such business intelligence and data analytics platforms have historically been the preserve of large enterprises.

Calligo however has re-examined each step of traditional data analysis to remove the need for expensive infrastructure, simplify the analysis itself and apply greater data privacy rigour throughout, all without compromising on capability.

Extract powerful insights from your own data

Calligo’s Data Analytics Platform powered by Zizo takes large volumes of data from any source – for example data warehouses, SaaS platforms, social media or raw data – and transforms it into lossless patterns and datasets that can be more readily queried.

The platform’s artificial intelligence designs the necessary data structures, schemas and optimizations for your objective, without the need for manual intervention. Meanwhile, Calligo ensures that your data subjects’ rights are protected at every stage through a combination of data privacy toolkits operating throughout the analytics platform, and a team of experts in data science and privacy legislation.

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  • Platform prepares data sets for analysis and insight discovery
  • Complex algorithms are intelligently created to perform detailed analysis


  • Billions of rows of data are rapidly queried and new insights delivered
  • Dashboard reporting of outputs, able to be shared among key stakeholders in real time


  • Progress rapidly in response to new capabilities, opportunities and relationships
  • Act with confidence that data subjects’ privacy is safeguarded

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