Archiving brings performance and cost benefits and is often essential for regulatory obligations. Let our team help you make the most of the optimisation opportunities, while supporting your regulatory compliance.


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Data erasure
data erasure

Optimise your business by focusing on the data you need

Businesses will often archive or purge data in order to reduce costs and optimise business processes. Databases can be analysed and managed more effectively – and cheaply, often by as much as 70% – if they are optimised to only contain relevant, active data.

What some companies forget is that data privacy regulations apply just as much to archived data as “live” datasets. In addition, some types of personal data, such as personnel records, ISP data and transaction records, are governed by specific regulations which require or restrict their archival for certain durations. And these rules often vary across jurisdictions.

Treat your archived data appropriately

Businesses must have clear processes in place that will govern the reliable archiving and purging of data in accordance with the relevant legislation.

In conjunction with our Privacy Architects, Calligo will help you set appropriate policies to ensure that individual types of data are managed or deleted under the correct retention cycles, and that all applicable data privacy regulations are adhered to.

Archiving and purging

Calligo's Data Archival Platform applies, enforces and reports on the business' data archival policies

Classify your entire data estate

Classify all your data, regardless of format, and apply automated pre-defined retention, migration and deletion policies

Save costs

Lower value or less timely data is moved to less expensive, tier-two hardware, which can reduce data storage costs by as much as 70%.

Handle sensitive data

Data covered under international, national & industry-specific privacy regulations is protected in searchable archives or purged

Data sovereignty requirements

Calligo can ensure that your data is only physically stored in suitable jurisdictions – even accommodating the need to split your datasets by type or handle multiple jurisdictions

Easy retrieval

Calligo will ensure that your data can be retrieved and made usable at any point, while also protecting you against inadvertent violation of data privacy regulations


Works in conjunction with our Database Record Erasure tool, ensuring archives are also purged when any personal data records need to be permanently and thoroughly deleted.

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