Ensure that your IT project’s ambition to optimise your data does not overtake your data privacy obligations

  • Highly experienced team of consultants with equal expertise in cloud technology and data privacy legislation
  • Prevent insufficient or imprecise application of data privacy regulations undermining your projects or the value you can extract from your data
Data Privacy Architects
Data privacy

Put data privacy first

Too many IT systems – whether software or hardware-based – are designed solely with their core function and strategic objective in mind. The privacy concerns are too often an afterthought, if a consideration at all, despite many privacy regulations, including GDPR, requiring privacy to be an integral part of any service or product’s design.

Privacy by design

We support businesses in their design of new infrastructures, applications and services, ensuring that the strategic objective of optimising your data and the privacy of data subjects are both addressed in equal measure.

Our Privacy Architects have a special blend of expertise in both advanced cloud technology and its deployment, alongside international, national and industry-specific data privacy legislation.

data privacy with private shield


Assess the IT and business objectives of the project and identify the privacy regulations its deployment is subject to


Guide your team through the design of the application or service, ensuring balance between performance requirements and regulatory obligations


Ongoing assessments of performance and adherence to data privacy requirements

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